Esterhazy Town Council Meeting Information

Item Vote What does it mean?
Water Reservoir Carried Expansion of water storage as required by the Water Security Agency – construction to commence early April.
Service Canada Carried The contract for Service Canada to continue service at the Esterhazy Town Office was approved.
Fees & Charges Carried A list of fees and charges for 2017 was approved.
Angels of Hope Carried A discretionary use application was approved for the Angels of Hope for a holding facility for stray animals.
SPS #3 Carried A press release was approved for the government funding for the Sewer Pump Station #3.
150th Coins Carried Council approved the purchase of Esterhazy Canada 150th Anniversary Coins
Committees Carried A list of Council and Committees was approved for 2017.
RID Signs Carried Report Impaired Drivers signs were approved for installation in Town.
Fall Skating School Carried The Skate Esterhazy 2017 Skating School was approved.
Sk. Watershed Conference Carried The Sask. Watershed Conference will be held in Esterhazy April 5-7, 2017.

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