Educating Youth in Engineering and Science!


Hi All!
My name is Christina Gianoli and I am the new assistant coordinator at EYES (educating youth in engineering and science). EYES is non-profit science and engineering outreach program run out of the University of Regina. Our goal is to engage youth in science and engineering by doing fun, hands on activities throughout the year in Regina and surrounding communities.
We are very excited to be running a weeklong summer camp in Esterhazy on July 3rd-7th at P.J. Gillen Elementary School. Our camp has 4 theme days as well as a fun day on Friday where we have a pizza party, a science show, a water fight and more! Our theme days this year are environmental scientist, inventor, chemist, and health scientist. Each day we will do a variety of fun activities to learn about what a person in each of these fields would do in their day-to-day job. Camp runs from 9-4:30 each day with supervision from 8-5:30.
Contact Below:
Christina Gianoli
EYES Assistant Coordinator | Faculty of Engineering | University of Regina | S4S 0A2
phone: (306) 585-5209 | fax: (306) 337-3137 |

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