Mayor’s Message



Royal Canadian Legion District # 1 Saskatchewan Command Annual Rally:

On June 17th the Esterhazy Branch # 249 held their first ever Annual District Rally. It was my honour and privilege to bring greetings from the Town of Esterhazy and to welcome all those in attendance. It was a day filled with activity and fellowship with about 44 legion members in attendance from Zones 1 through 4. During my presentation I provided a brief summary of my family’s involvement in both World War I and II.

We are very fortunate to have a Legion here given the size of our community. Many Legions throughout Canada have had to close operations due to a lack of support. The Legion is a veteran’s organization and I needn’t remind anyone of the significant role that all our veterans played in winning our freedom. I would urge our citizens to consider joining the Legion and becoming part of a wonderful organization. You can join as a veteran, associate or ordinary member and everyone is welcome. Let’s all get behind our Legion in Esterhazy to ensure that it will not suffer the same fate as many Legions elsewhere.

Graduation 2017:

On June 30th it was my pleasure to attend the Esterhazy High School Graduation Ceremonies on behalf of the Town of Esterhazy. I was there for the banquet and gave a brief presentation to the graduates. Later in the evening I attended the Graduation Exercises and can say that everything was very well organized. The four and a half hours that I spent in attendance seemed to fly past. There were forty two graduates listed in the pamphlet and many of them had attained significant academic achievements. It was very encouraging to once again see our local businesses, individuals and organizations provide such solid support to the graduating students. It was announced that the scholarships awarded totalled $ 22,600.00. This was before the various school and provincial awards and it was great to see.

Water Bills:

This is the newsletter that I had suggested I would talk about our capital projects as it relates to our waterworks. However, that topic would consume an entire newsletter by itself and I didn’t want to miss reporting on the two topics just covered.

I do want to talk about our water bills. I went back through my personal records and determined that our base water bill rate which includes usage up to 9,000 gallons every three months has remained unchanged at $162.00 since September of 2008. That’s almost nine years without an increase in the cost. At $54.00 per month equivalent our water rates compare very favourably with many similar sized communities throughout Saskatchewan. As well, we have been setting money aside to help pay for our water infrastructure needs which are significant. In contrast to many things in life water is a necessity; people must use it for many purposes. As such, I do not favour increasing water rates as high water rates adversely affect those people within our community at the lower end of the income scale. There are plenty of other areas where we can economize or even increase revenue without going after a necessity of life.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and that as many people as possible were able to take in the Hazy Dayz celebrations. It was a very good parade this year as a lot of people put in significant effort on their floats and other parade entries.  It was great to see the weather co-operate this year!


Sincere Regards,

Roy Spence, Mayor of Esterhazy.


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